Karen Waugh-Raphael, 3RD Generation Teacher

Lineage: Joseph Pilates > Jay Grimes > Wade Edwell > Me

I discovered Pilates while living in Melbourne. Upon moving to country Victoria, I began my training to be a teacher through Breathe Education. At the same time, I was fortunate to find my current mentor, Wade Edwell, who is Australia's only 2nd Generation teacher trained by Jay Grimes, who himself, trained and worked with Joseph Pilates.

Initially apprenticed to Wade and his partner Trevor at their studio Proper Pilates, I eventually began working with them. In time I grew to become a leading member of their team, responsible for assisting Wade in education workshops and seminars for teachers and trainees. I am still involved with Proper Pilates and remain a mentee of Wade. I continue to assist him in training when in Victoria.

I have also had the special pleasure of training with Vintage Pilates, home of Jay Grimes, as well as attending their international workshops in Dubai and Los Angeles.

Other notable certification:
 • VICFIT accredited exercise to music leaders' certificate- Victoria College, 1990
 • Australian Institute of Fitness, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, 2014
 • Breathe Education, Certificate IV in Pilates-Mat and Reformer, Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, 2015
 • Positive Action Pilates Certificate Classical Reformer and Advanced Mat work, 2015
 • Peak Pilates Certificate Mat and Reformer, 2016


Born in Germany in 1883, Joseph Pilates grew to be a circus performer, fitness trainer and a boxer.

The beginnings of what would eventually become his regimented exercise system, Contrology, started to take shape while he was interred as a prisoner of the allies during WW1. While encamped on the Isle of Man he led many of his fellow detainees through his exercise programs and at the end of the war his camp notably suffered far less death and illness than others around them.

Later he moved to New York city, where he opened an exercise studio next to his apartment where he taught his Contrology method. Over time the system grew to encompass more equipment/apparatus and was refined. Ultimately Joe developed Contrology into a system of exercises that challenged the body while offering it tailored exercises to help individuals with their specific physicals needs.

Joseph died in the late 1960's and his work has been kept alive and carried forward through a string of lineages and by the few teachers who extensively trained .

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